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Seven Card Stud Poker

Seven card stud poker is the precursor to current poker game favorite, Texas holdem, and remains popular in land and online casinos thanks, in part, to this association. Rules and game flow resemble holdem, but the playing environment is often more relaxed and the competition less aggressive. As with the genesis of most of poker variations, the history of seven card stud’s evolution is nebulous at best. Though it is believed that 19th century french explorers and settlers played the game while travelling, thus harvesting its early popularity at online casino australia, seven card stud poker didn’t really take off until the american civil war.

Around that time, the term stud was commonly used in reference to the employment of attractive horses for breeding. In poker terms, stud came to represent the exhibitionist quality of the game namely, the dealing of four cards face up and exposed on the table. It should be noted that Texas holdem didn’t emerge until the early 1920’s. Because of its distinct similarity to seven card stud poker, one can safely assume that Texas holdem is a direct descendant of seven card stud poker.

Seven card stud poker is usually played with a fixed betting limit which doubles after the 4th card has been dealt. As one might imagine, players who remain in the game until its end can win and lose large sums, simply because of the number of rounds of betting that are involved. There are also some exotic forms of seven card stud poker, wherein certain denominations are considered wild in those online poker rooms that feature seven card stud wild deuces, the pace is frenetic and the outcome is generally up in the air until the final rounds of cards have been dealt.

Seven card stud poker utilizes the traditional 52 card deck. There are two cards dealt to each player that remain face down, and one that is dealt face up. After this initial deal, each player is dealt 3 cards face up, and the seventh card is dealt to the player face down. There is betting after each of the four rounds of dealing has been completed. Bets double after the fifth card is dealt. Thus, the final pot of seven card stud poker can be lucrative for the winning player. The winner is determined by the highest valued five card hand from the seven cards dealt. There is quite a bit of skill involved in playing this big win online casinos game.