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1 €1500 Bonus + 300 Free Spins
2 €300 Bonus + 100 Free Spins
3 €1000 Bonus + 200 Free Spins
4 100% Up To €100 + 100 Free Spins
5 100% Up To €100 + 50 Free Spins
6 €1300 Welcome Bonus
7 100% Up To €200 + 200 Free Spins
8 100% Deposit Bonus + 200 Free Spins
9 €800 Bonus + 200 Free Spins
10 €150 Bonus + 150 Free Spins
11 Get A £200 Welcome Bonus
12 100% Up To €200 + 200 Free Spins
13 €2000 + 900 Free Spins
14 100% Bonus + 300 Free Spins
15 100% Bonus Up To €300
16 100% Bonus Up To €200
17 €1000 Bonus + 450 Free Spins
18 100% Up To €200 + 100 Free Spins
19 €200 Bonus + 200 Free Spins
20 €300 Bonus + 50 Free Spins

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Casino Heroes

Casino Heroes was founded in 2014 and is a real paradise island for free-flowing fans. The founders of Casino Heroes are behind a number of popular Swedish gaming sites, so behind Casino Heroes is a wealth of casino professionals. Casino Heroes is owned by Hero Gaming. The concept of Casino Heroes is new and interesting. It's like a role-playing game, but with money! The Casino Heros idea is based on a carefully created story, and the whole experience is a kind of adventure game. Casino games can be found on the island of Hero where the player moves. You open up new levels all the time and overwhelm the "chief bosses" as much as you can. A little bit like the old well-groomed Nintendo Super Mario! Once a year there is also a Hero Olympics. It aims to restore the Golden Crown stolen from the island's inhabitants. The best thing about this is that the Hero Adventure gives you free spins, bonuses and other promotions depending on how far you get in the game. Unlike normal online casinos, so lucky to earn!

Casino Heroes' Slot Machine is one of the festivities. There is old and new, retro, and oldies, but goldies. NetEnt's steelmaking robots and reliable warriors Roulette and Blak are also guaranteed in addition to slot machines. In addition to slot machines, Casino Heroes has not forgotten jackpots, slot machines, or video poker. If they were not involved, that would be a rebellion! Opened in 2015, Livecasino is a great way to play real-time against the right distributor. The best thing is that Casino Heroes' adventure has been extended to Livecasino, so you continue your progress on the Hero Island while playing live casino games.

In addition to this, Betsoft has made quality quality games such as Under the bed and After Night Falls. The crown is the very best of Casino Heroes, and the real gold treasure: NetEnt 's King Of Slots. Casino Heroes free spins are an important part of your gaming experience right away. The latest gives you instant handshake 10 free spins without a deposit. When you save for the first time, you should note this: Free tours depend on the amount of deposit. There are 50 free spins with a deposit of ten, with two deposits of 120, a deposit of five, with 240 free spins, and so on. At best, you can even spit up to 500 free spins!

Casino Heroes news about all free bids on their site. When you become a member, you will receive a regular newsletter about campaigns and other hot news. Casino Heroes' customer service operates clearly. Get help, tips and assistance through both email and live chat. Customer service is in use from 11am to 1am, so we are really comprehensive. The Heroes Casino is a professional, social and virtuous person, so you always have a good heart and soul! The phone service at Casino Heroes is not so far provided.

Now the new product range has also become a much sought-after Pugglepay. Casino Heroes does not have to wait for cash any longer than any other online casino on average. So this is not going to get caught! Casino Heroes is a community experience and is also reflected in the mobile . First, there are a lot of games available for mobile. Second, the whole idea of ​​Casino Heroes, that is, a staggering adventure in the fantasy world, is also progressing with mobile gaming. So you will not be left alone, but on the contrary, you will get the most out of the unique concept of Casino Heroes equally as mobile. So keep an eye out for Facebook and Twitter, as other players are equally involved in the fantasy world and want to share experience with you. Casino Heroes works great on both iPhone, iPad, and Android.

The key idea behind Casino Heroes is very different from other casinos. A group of experienced professionals from other Nordic casinos wanted to create something new and at the same time raise casino gaming to a new level. Casino Heroes is the result of that idea and has quickly established its place in the hearts of online gamers.Casino Heroes is the name of a casino game that is played by the player himself. When you register, you will be able to go the same way and you can start exploring the islands, including a total of three: You create your own avatar that lets you move upwards and overtake areas. You can even try to beat bosses and at the same time pick up a variety of nice awards. All in all, you can venture through 40 different levels.Few gaming sites offer just one great story to play . Casino Heroes has brought a whole new kind of gaming experience that everyone enjoys in line with their promises. Playing at this casino is not a problem for a moment, but a long lasting adventure.